Jamming strong for more than a decade, Counter Cosby is a power-trio from Ann Arbor, MI. The members consist of Langel on bass, O'Neill on drums, and AROtotheN on guitar. Back in 1996, these high school sweethearts found each other and managed to not get bored whilst on an adventure of sonic musical experience ...or something like that.

Counter Cosby, influenced by diverse and eclectic tastes, creates an interesting, original, progressive blend of metal, rock, caribbean, funk, jazz, punk, and whatever else they can get their ears on. They lovingly reinvent these styles utilizing unbridled sarcasm and joy -- that's what they do. This enables Counter Cosby to play shows with bands of various genres, warming the stage, and transcending polarized subculture motifs.

Don't! Don;! Don!t! was released in the Fall of 2006 and is Counter Cosby's first full length CD. Awesome hits like Camping, Wahmbulance & Rickets on the Crotch adorn Counter Cosby's vindication across the 15 tracks. Don't! Don;! Don!t! is available at Counter Cosby shows, online at, and at various Ann Arbor boutiques such as Vault of Midnight, Encore Records, and Underground Sound.

A live show, however, is truly necessary to accurately understand the Counter Cosby experience. They deliver a high energy, in-your-face, goof-ass rock show that will make you clutch your harrowing genitals! Willing to play anywhere they are allowed, Counter Cosby has performed a plethora of venues across the tri-state area including The Blind Pig, The Heidelberg, The Temple Club, The Magic Stick, The Bluestage Club, The Machine Shop, Leopold Bros, Andrew's, The Bullfrog, TC's Speakeasy, Corner Bar, Mickey Finn's, Mac's Bar, The Neutral Zone, and The Elbow Room.

Each show shall stain your mind hard!

Ready to fill any stage or any hole in the ground,

Counter Cosby

contact infos --

1120 N. Maple Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
(734) 497-2186